Private Aeronautical Services

Royal Class offers a service to charter plane companies, brokers and private plane owners to help with everything related to loading and unloading of aircrafts, cleaning, start, movement of aircrafts on platform, transport of passengers on the platform of operations, etc.

Service details:

- Passenger check-in / check-out

- Luggage loading and unloading

- Passenger and crew transport on platform of operations

- Payment of airport taxes (depending on the type of aircraft)

- Towing

- Power generating set

- Air Conditioning

- Pneumatic start

- Drinking Water

- Bathroom drain

- Signaling service, wheel chocking and security cones

- Aircraft Cleaning (cabin, transit areas, terminal, deep cleaning, boxes, etc.)

- Catering Service

- VIP Room Reservation: VIP Passenger Service

Administracion Aeronaves