Why settle for set prices and higher risk?
Royal Class helps you mitigates risk.

Our airplane maintenance and administration capabilities allows proprietors of private airplanes to maximize the value of their investment while enjoying the benefits of owning an airplane.

“Your own airplane could be a source of income, even when you’re not on board. Royal Class can turn your personal airplane into an active generator of wealth.”

We bring our expertise, benefits, and 23 years of experience and knowledge of operating private luxury airplanes. More experience than any other private airline operator in the region.

You will not be needing to hire your own personnel to maintain your airplane. Our personnel, with their years of experience, will be dedicated to treating your jet with utmost care. Owning and maintaining a plane is time consuming and can be expensive. Royal Class’ administration program is designed to maximize your investment by reducing daily costs and the responsibilities attached to owning and operating a private airplane. Our team of experienced professionals will be in charge of planning your flight, programming, accounting, and operating, while supervising every detail of your flight to ensure your next travel is seamless.

Owning and operating a private aircraft poses economic and legal responsibilities. Operators must deal with the judicial implications of any errors. In trusting Royal Class with your airplane, we take up all legal responsibilities outlined by the Argentine Aviation Authorities (ANAC).

Over the last 23 years, we have amassed the most elite and respectable clientele in the region. Royal Class has been trusted by important figures such as presidents, notable businesspeople, successful businesses, medical companies (for organ transportation), and some of the most famous musicians in the world. This allows us to provide your aircraft with a sustained demand for commercial flights when you do not plan to use your aircraft. The profitability that this will generate will allow you to transform "costs" into "profitability".


Recruitment, qualification, and training of pilotss

Supervision of flight crew personnel.

Aircraft and crew preparation and planning

Aircraft maintenance: monitoring, records and complete assistance

Compliance with regulations of the Argentine aeronautical authority

Monthly performance-based maintenance fees with accurate monthly financial statements.

Data maintenance for accounting

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