Aircraft administration

Our global aircraft maintenance and management capabilities enable private aircraft owners to maximize the investment value of their assets and enjoy the worry-free benefits of aircraft ownership.

We transfer to your aircraft the learning, benefits of scale, and best practices that we've obtained after 27 years of operating an aircraft. More experience than any market operator in the region.

You will not have to have your staff take care of your aircraft. Our personnel will dedicate themselves to your aircraft as if it were their own. Owning and maintaining an aircraft is expensive and time-consuming. The Royal Class Stewardship program is designed to maximize your aircraft investment by alleviating the day-to-day expenses and responsibilities associated with aircraft ownership and operation. Our team of experienced professionals will manage your flight planning, scheduling, accounting, maintenance, and operations while overseeing every detail to make your next travel experience virtually effortless.

Owning and operating an aircraft represents criminal, civil, and economic responsibilities. When Royal Class manages your aircraft, it legally assumes these responsibilities, as indicated by the regulations of the Argentine aviation authority (ANAC).

After 27 years we have developed the most important and respectable client portfolio in the entire region. National presidents, most notable businessmen, the most successful companies, medical entities that perform organ transplants, and the world's most famous artists trust Royal Class for their flights. This allows us to provide your aircraft with sustained demand for commercial flights for when you do not plan to use your aircraft, which will you to transform costs into profitability.


  • Recruitment, qualification, and training of pilots.
  • Supervision of flight crew personnel.
  • Planning and preparation of aircraft and crews.
  • Aircraft maintenance: monitoring, records, and full assistance.
  • Compliance with regulations of the Argentine Aeronautical Authority (ANAC).
  • Performance-based monthly maintenance fees with accurate monthly financial statements.
  • Maintenance of data for accounting.

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