We operate out of Jorge Newbery (OACI:SABE), where we have been for more than 26 years

We have our own hangar that spans over 3,000 m2

Our offices and personnel operate in the same airport. This allows us to easily manage any issues, should they arise, providing us with the capability to oversee every aspect of your flight.
Our on-site personnel works from the hangar 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures that we can provide the service you deserve. The same services offered to our planes and other administrated planes is in charge of providing the “know how” for your own operations.
We provide every service you may need, including our exclusive VIP room, allowing for seamless operation and full confidentiality, unlike any other private airline. We offer this service at the lowest cost in the market. So, why use another handler if you can use the best for the lowest price?

Llamanos + 54 11 4776 0888

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